Why Video Games should be considered a form of Art?

Do you consider video games to be a form of art? Well, it is a long going argument between people who come from different facets of life. Some people blatantly argue against calling video games an art form. However, let’s get real and have a deeper look into the elements which constitute games.

Why Video Games should be considered a form of ArtVideo games of modern times contain enough creativity to be recognized as a field of art. When we speak of art, we directly connote towards the intellectualism gone behind developing aesthetics. As a matter of fact, games have a cinematic graphic references, original background scores, gaming literature, and characters as storytellers. Such elements can always be gauged on an aesthetic scale.

Just like art, video games appeal to the psychology of human beings. Several video games inspire and enthrall humans to break the monotony and create something constructive. Art requires active participation and in video games too, gamers need to actively participate in the process of gaming.

The act of playing video games involve intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as more often than not, gaming requires a level of commitment and likability from the gamers end. It is not a coincidence that for many of us the game of ‘Super Mario Brothers’ holds extreme nostalgic value. The game reminds us of our childhood and time well spent. If art is about emotional connection, people become emotionally connected to video games just like books, songs, paintings, and movies.

Lastly, games are created by human beings. Each game has an authorship and creative rights behind it. The characters created in the video games are inspired and taken from the real life scenario. Video games are such a hit among humans because there is element of connect-ability in them. This fits well in one of the definitions of art which is ‘art imitates life and vice-versa.’