What is Video Game Journalism?

Video game journalism involves talking and writing about games. People who are extremely passionate about video games often like to read, talk, and discuss everything related to video games. We all have had that sleepover night where we just spent the night playing or discussing video games. It is indeed exciting to know that such nights are now known as ‘field work’ for video game journalists. In this century of constantly widening gaming zones, there is an excessive demand to talk about the video games and the gaming industry.

Video Game JournalismSeveral games are being launched everyday, and it is the task of the video game journalists to provide comprehensive reviews and discussions on newly released video games. However, reviewing video games is just one aspect of being a video game journalist.

In the gaming world, video game journalists help in the identification and creation of gaming networks. Video journalists sort of become a gateway between the gamers and game developers. Due to the constant expansion and penetration of social media, video game journalists also strategize marketing plans for many game production companies.

As of today, there are several publication solely dedicated to the Video Journalism. However, video game journalism is widespread on the internet, as there are so many games being played online everyday. There are several video networks on the internet that regularly hold discussions among the gamers on various topics related to video games. In recent times, the topic of innovation within gaming is trending.

It is important to have such crucial conversations as it works as a catalyst in bringing about necessary changes. The video game industry has always been considered a male-dominated one however, there are many females who love to indulge in video games. Factually speaking, there are many women who are excellent game developers too. Video game Journalism helps in breaking stereotypes so as to bring new advancements in the gaming industry.