Future of the Video Game Industry

In the next three years, the face of video games is going to change to a whole new level. Currently, many steps have been taken to advance the gaming industry and its impact will only be visible by 2019. Let’s take a look into the opinions and forecasts of the market experts of the gaming industries.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Virtual realityIt is well-spread news that in a couple of years artificial intelligence will have gone through multiple levels of researches to finally venture into the gaming industry completely. In fact, there are so many gaming production companies that are already inculcating the technology of artificial intelligence into their games. For example, Oculus VR is a brain child of Facebook and it is an endeavor to completely personify the gaming experience through gestures, voice modulations, and visuals.


All the movie industries in the world have incorporated video games as a measure of merchandising. This broadly means that filmmakers, storytellers, and production houses are looking to utilize their creative output through more than one medium. Since video gaming popularity is constantly increasing, merchandising is expected to change the way games will be perceived in future.

Mobile Gaming and Market Demographics

As discussed previously, the innovation of smart phone has influenced the gaming industries positively. Gaming was a ‘once in a while’ kind of leisure activity until smartphones made it an everyday ritual. It is clear that in the next couple of years, smart phone consumers of all demographics will be more open and adaptive to the experience of gaming. Gaming production companies are also resorting to advertising and marketing games, which is a whole new phenomena in itself. The advertising strategies involve both online and offline mediums and in future, the ability to commence playing a game with one click of the mouse will be the biggest credibility feature working in the favor of the game developers and gamers.