An insight into the Video Game Market and Current Trends

Currently, the status of the video game Industry is quite remarkable and economically stable. It is expected that by 2019 the revenues in the video game industry are going to reach the mark of 19.6 billion. The gaming market increases between 7-10 percent each year. There are several factors contributing to the ever expanding gaming industry and healthily growing revenues.

Number of Smart Phone Users increases everyday

Smart Phone UsersEarth is inhabited by billions of people. It is no surprise that each day the number of people who use smartphones increases dramatically. It also directly implies that number of people who have access to video games increases too.

Until very recently, video gaming industries used to target males, children, and young people as their consumers. However, the line between different demographics is constantly diminishing as now, people of all ages engage themselves into the act of gaming. According to several cyber-psychologists, peoples need to function as a social being is at an all time high due to the penetration of the social media culture. In such times, video games with interactive story telling feature that can be easily installed in smartphones serve as an easy access to the platform of communication and expression. The rapid growth in mobile casino gaming is testament to this.

High Quality Music, Sound Design, and Voice

Today, development of a series of games is an extensive process of amalgamation of creativity with technology. Building a fine gaming series requires working with visual artists, sound engineers, and programmers. The background score has a lot of weight as it is the audio that drives the game, engages the senses of the gamer, and enhances the player experience.

Excellent sound designing is the lock in technique for many game developers, as the minds of gamers are being conditioned by the music of the game. When gamers unlocks levels or make new records, the music of the game should be programmed to make them feel like winners!