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On this website visitors will find concrete and comprehensive information about the Gaming Industry. With the onset of computers and technology, the gaming industry multi folded in its existence. In the current scenario, gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry.

This website deals with important matters, trends, and issues related to the development of the Gaming Industry. In the beginning of the text, you can read an article about how the modern era has shaped the video game industry of the 21st century and following which, there is a write-up on trends of the gaming industry.

Technology is continuously advancing, which keeps broadening the horizon of the video game industry. There is a post dedicated to understanding the growing relationship between video games and technology. The market of the video game industry has not been as attractive as it is today, ever! One must wonder about what makes a good video game. On this website, you can delve deeper into understanding the art of game design thinking. Game design goes way beyond than designing the games, therefore read on to know the secrets of the gaming industry.

Lastly, there are several think pieces on this website based on facts and figures, which will give you an overall insight into the gaming industry, approaches to customers, designing a game, the current market situation and trends. Video games are undoubtedly a hot topic among people of all ages. Gamers enjoy reading about games as well which has led to the development of a genre called video game Journalism.