21st Century : Modern Era of the Video Game Industry

The culture of playing video games is not an old one. It is a relatively new phenomenon propagated by rapidly developing technology. As a matter of fact, 21st century has completely changed the face of gaming. Apart from the constant evolution of gaming gadgets like consoles, the expansion of computers and internet boomed the gaming industry.

Modern Era of the Video Game IndustryAs if now, playing video games is an integral act of many individuals across the world. Video games are more popular because playing video games require active involvement of people. People get a feeling of belonging along with the adrenaline rush that comes from playing a video game. It is also a fun way to pass and enjoy the time. The revolutionary invention of smartphones took the act of gaming to a whole new level. It meant that people could simply indulge in gaming anywhere and everywhere. While commuting in a train, or waiting for a doctor at the clinic — almost all mundane acts of daily life that involved boredom, suddenly became interesting, or at least bearable.

The smartphone industry in the 21st century has motivated game designers to constantly innovate new games using culture hacking, and social psychology. Game designers consider gaming a way of life. Several games are based on competitiveness, while some are just meant for having fun. It is just the beginning of the twenty-first century, and so much has already happened in the field of gaming. In the years to come, the future of video games look even more brighter because of the constant experiments made by the harbingers of technology advances and game developers.

The video games of the modern era have an element of addictability to it because it also entails storytelling. Game literature is the basis of many games like ‘Until Dawn,’ ‘Gabriel Knight,’ ‘Red Dead Redemption.’ In the approaching times, it is going to the shape the reality of gaming experiences undoubtedly.